Storytelling and Communications Fellowship

A documentary series of the Educated Girl.
On location and behind the scenes at the Gashora Girls Academy.

The sophisticated young women of Gashora Girls Academy unscripted on their journey through the study of science and technology, and the teachers invested in the development of courage and mind.

The heart of photo journalism lives in the community, with the people and for the people, a vital means for communication and expression. Part of my business ethic strives to support and work with people and organizations who also strive to enrich the people of the community. This particular fellowship has ignited a desire in me to discover and share the story of the young women who fearlessly set out to learn and understand their environment and their desire to steward the next generation through science and technology with positive impact. In collaboration with the school media-club, we would journey through the history of multi-media and it’s impact on artistic expression, photojournalism, and cultural influence. Great content elevates the impact an organization can have, connecting the viewers to more than just a visual, but the intention and story behind the organization. As the media landscape continues to change with the evolution of technology, establishing a voice is essential. I want to help mentor the media-club in creating a program that will spark their creative voice.


A powerhouse of influence,

driven by the aspiration and gratitude of each student. Path makers set out to learn and understand more about their environment and to overcome the challenges set out before them.

As a teacher guides a student through seasons of change and development, stories unfold overtime. The moments in-between we celebrate our achievements, growth, excitement, and dedication to a positive mission. Fostering harmony with the community and nation as relationships are nurtured, strengthening the heart with community service and recreational sports. Behind the scenes we are enlightened with fascination and wonder, a new chapter of conversation and discovery every month.

This is their story, a testament to the whole, inspiring and reminding generations of perseverance and their patience in the process. With devastating events in recent Rwandan history and ongoing political tensions in nearby nations, Rwanda has set itself apart, revitalizing its nation with the next generation of leaders in science, technology, and art. Infusing the community with hope, continuing to enrich the culture and the well being of all people.


envisioned stories.


It is my belief that with certain methods, we can produce daily content that inspires, challenges, and motivates us as we share in the experience of this journey together. Resulting in thoughtful and informative material that can be compiled into noteworthy articles for an online journal and year book for the students. Archiving weekly updates from all departments of study, agriculture progress, and creative arts in poetry, music, and dance. Monthly progress reports highlighting particular students, teachers and departments for their notable achievements. To continue and maintain the the camaraderie of the school, curated alumnae stories exhibiting on-going support from the student body and community add value to the school ethos.

The methods learned in the darkroom are applicable to life in all forms, from the conceptualization through to the final print. To produce a single photo, there are numerous steps, guidelines, and a variety of techniques to achieve a tangible print. With technical chemistry in free form, you can experiment with adjusting the values of the image, ie: white balance, tone, exposure, contrast, ect. These methods have seeped into my theoretical framework, engaging others to also examine and explore their inherent skills and processing.


Art will always be subjective, critiqued, and often over glamorized as it provokes emotions and feelings. It is my attempt to clearly communicate and depict the important issues with justice and honesty.

I am an artist of action, and my goal is to illuminate and document the beauty within while creating an uplifting experience, leaving an impression that promotes the well being and support of others.

I have an affinity for communicating through artistic imagination with purpose, documenting stories that reflect the personalities of the individuals in the most honest and elegant way. Creative activity, art; literature, illustration, music, dance, an essence of expression, and a driving force behind human connection and reform. Allowing us to interact with, relate to, and learn from. My camera is the tool that allows me to capture moments of reality into timeless imagery, conveying the message visually. In my experience as a photographer, I have gained a vast perspective in my own pursuit of expression and the positive impact it is capable of. It’s a beautiful dance between artist and the model in focus, highlighting the aspects that might otherwise go unnoticed.

My hope with this fellowship is curating a series of articles that will help assist in the fundraising and support needs of the school, while also co-creating a media programme with longevity. Instilling foundational principles that students can grasp and run with, adding creative freedom to present and future endeavours. Added elements of the history, development, and evolution of film and photography as well as the mediums used in photojournalism and brand marketing. With the support of the school, it would also be my hope to partner with a corporate sponsor for the media club and department who shares in the same ethos, providing useful tools that aid our curiosity for an inspiring outreach with a valued partnership.


As a devoted photographer in the artist community over the last 10 years, I have learned through many trials the necessary foundations one needs for the success of true artistry. For me it’s been a work of art, and the art of work, a delicate balance of personal expression and professional presence. Photography for me has been the ultimate tool to create connections with all industries within my community. From business, fashion, music and sport to the personal adventures of photojournalism. I have always followed the path of my interests, from coffee to outdoor recreation, knowing I’d find people who would appreciate the fine art of photography. My portfolio has been expansive as every opportunity has brought me somewhere new, diversifying the impact and connection from across the globe. Creating human connections with likeminded individuals has been the key to forging trust and lasting relationships and referrals. Without these connections my work would not be printed in magazines, catalogues, local papers, billboards, or hanging on the walls of people's homes, offices, or cafes. I am humbled by the attention and reach my photography has had, motivating me to give back and share the simplicity and abstract design of this art form with the girls of Gashora.


The Gashora Girls Academy

share their experience, in a true reflection of intellectual curiosity from the beginning, middle, and end.


For the class of 2020

- Online journal documenting weekly updates from all departments.

- Student editorials, including creative works, writings and illustrations.

- Monthly highlights featuring students, teachers and departments for their notable achievements.

- Curated alumnae stories.


Thank you for your fellowship consideration, I hope to work alongside and with you in the coming years!