The art of love... That tattoo on your left knee, your cool socks, the looks you exchange with the ones you love, I love capturing that. All the hours spent planning those intricate details for the wedding, these intimate and personal interactions and details don't go unnoticed to me. Part of the beauty for me is watching these stories unfold and being able to witness and capture those fleeting moments in between. celebrate good times.

artistic documentary x fine art  // a cinematic adventure. I'm drawn to natural light, movement, and landscapes, inspired to capture the intimate interactions and moments had in these surroundings. My photojournalistic approach allows me to gracefully direct when needed while also capturing genuine emotion as the greatest moments unfold. The art of making portraits and documenting celebrations is fun and dynamic yet full of unexpected moments, Email me, I'd love to hear from you /JESSIKA


The mountains are home, from the Coast Mountains to the Rocky Mountains, and all the valley's in between.

When in the coastal mountains, I shoot with my team from the Whistler Wedding CollectiveA group of wedding photographers and videographers based in Whistler, BC. Travelling the Sea to Sky Corridor photographing weddings, people, each other, nature, local wildlife, and building a community of artists and creatives.